Speed is Money

We develop high performance web and e-commerce apps.

Shopify Headless

We believe the future of e-commerce is headless. Speed and flexibility are the primary drivers.

Next.js Apps

Vercel, the creator of Next.js, gives you all tools and infrastructure to develop performant apps.


Page Experience and Web Vitals

How good is the page experience for your actual users? Good web vitals are mandatory before you can think about creating valuable content and doing search engine optimization (SEO). Google measures many signals to classify the page experience in Google Search.

Slow websites are ranked lower

A few years ago, an average page load time of 3 seconds was OK. These days are over. More and more services offer the user an instant loading experience. The users expect fast-loading pages. Therefore your apps and websites have to be optimized to be competitive.

We help you to choose the right technology and implement the best data fetching strategy for your project.


Since 2015 we have been Shopify Partner and created many themes and apps for our clients. In 2021 we launched Adria Translate, a public Shopify app that helps you translate your store into multiple languages using Shopify's GraphQL translation API. This ensures that all translations are stored and served from the scalable Shopify infrastructure.

Traditional Shopify storefronts using Liquid and Online Store 2.0 are brilliant and still an excellent choice for your online shop. But we believe the future is headless and requires fast page loads.

A few years ago, we created an e-commerce prototype using Google AMP. The instant loading experience of AMP pages has blown us away. Hydrogen, Next.js, and React Server Components (RSC) are the natural evolution of this idea. They will change the way we experience the web!

An excellent search experience is essential for large product catalogs. We implemented custom integrations with Algolia Search and Shopify using Algolia InstantSearch.

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Adria Translate

Adria Translate in action
Shopify App Store Badge


We believe React will be the dominant frontend technology in the following years.

And Vercel, the creator of Next.js, offers the perfect infrastructure for creating React-based applications that are fast and scalable.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is the perfect CSS framework to create re-usable React components.

Together with Next.js these tools increased our productivity and speed significantly. We are rarely touching raw CSS again, except for keyframe animations maybe.


Supabase is not only a highly scalable Postgres database in the cloud. It offers great database services configured out of the box like row-level security and PostgREST.

Best is that it also includes built-in authentication, instant API's, realtime subscriptions and storage.

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Created with Next.js and Tailwind CSS running on Vercel.