We are a web agency specialized in
Shopify and Next.js .
Shopify app

Adria Translate

Shopify is a brilliant online shop platform. But it supports only one language out of the box. Therefore we created the app Adria Translate. The app allows you to manage multiple languages efficiently.

Adria Translate in action

About us

We to create beautiful software. Since 2015 we have been Shopify partner and helped several companies launch their online store using a custom shopping experience.

We created apps specific for our clients in the past, and in mid-2021, we launched our first public Shopify app. The Shopify ecosystem enables us to develop high-quality products and make them available to many people around the world.

Our company is located in Salzburg, Austria, but we love to work remotely.

Why Shopify?

If you have a business - small or large - and want to sell online, then Shopify is a perfect solution. It runs on a solid infrastructure and provides you with all the tools required to get started efficiently.

Currently, more than 1,700,000 businesses trust Shopify for their online shop. In addition, if you need assistance, Shopify has an extensive network of partners and expertes to support you on any topic. We are proud to be part of this network.

Technologies we use


React is a brilliant Javascript library for creating web and mobile applications. We use Shopify Polaris and Next.js in many of our projects.


Laravel is a fantastic PHP framework and ecosystem for creating and managing scalable web applications. We use Laravel Vapor for running our applications on AWS Lambda.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is the CSS framework we always wanted. In combination with AlpineJS it enables us to create stunning user interfaces.


We use GitHub or source control management and GitHub Actions for running our automatic tests and deployments.

Client project

asmus shoes & beautiful things

Asmus is a large retailer of shoes and fashion in Salzburg, Austria. We created a fully customized Shopify theme and relaunched the online store in 2021.

We wanted a seamless search experience for the 15,000 products in the online catalog. Therefore we implemented a custom integration with Algolia Search.

Screenshot asmus shoes & beautiful things
Client project

Eat the Ball

Eat the Ball is bread of a new generation. The unique Eat the Ball products are based on the globally patented pro.ferment.iced® technology.

For Eat the Ball, we created a fully customized theme. In addition, we used our Adria Translate app to make this online shop available in English and German.

Screenshot Eat the Ball
Client project

Spaceman Bar

Spaceman is a project from our hearts. We want to develop a good bar for our children that is also fun to eat. Spaceman meets all our requirements.

The website is created with Next.js and Tailwind CSS and hosted with Vercel.

Screenshot Spaceman Bar
Created with Next.js and Tailwind CSS running on Vercel.